The Sustainability Investment Leadership Council (SILC) was created to foster insight on how accountants and attorneys can incorporate sustainability practices that align economic opportunity with sustainable policies.


SILC works with the investment community to understand, measure and integrate sustainability best practices as part of an overall growth strategy.


Stanley Goldstein
Chairman, KFG
Stanley Goldstein, one of the founders of the Sustainability Investment Leadership Council…MORE

Sarah Tomolonius
Vice President Investor Relations, M13
Sarah Tomolonius is the Vice President of Investor Relations at M13, a consumer tech-focused full-service venture capital engine….MORE

Rebecca Craft
Founder, TurnCraft Advisors
Strategic business leader with diverse operational, planning, customer management, regulatory policy and legal expertise…MORE

J. Michael Kirkland, CPA, CGMA
Founder, JMK Consulting
J. Michael Kirkland, CPA, CGMA is a veteran financial executive with over 30 years of experience in accounting…MORE

Deborah Goldstein
Coach, Facilitator, Consultant
Deborah Goldstein works with NY, U.S. and international organizations and individuals who are motivated…MORE

Jason Dodier
Commercial Leader, New York & New Jersey, Schneider Electric
Jason Dodier is an American international business professional…MORE

Fitzgerald Angrand
Associate, Feuerstein Kulick LLP
Transactional attorney specializing in debt finance and alternative investments in the cannabis industry…MORE

Sophia Shahabadi
Educator, Advocate
Sophia Shahabadi has a Master of Science in Sustainability Management with experience in…MORE

Matthew Levy
Manager, PKF O’Connor Davies
Matthew Levy is a Manager with PKF O’Connor Davies in the…MORE

Heather Loebner
Vice President, Sustainability/ESG, CircleIT
Heather Loebner leads Sustainability…MORE

Michael KratenJeffrey Yin
Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel
Jeffrey Yin currently serves as the….MORE

Michael KratenMichael Kraten
Michael Kraten specializes in the analysis of business opportunities….MORE