Circular Economy and Metaverse

Date: February 15, 2022


A conversation with the Editor In Chief of Raine Magazine, Nova Lorraine and Founder of Veshin Factory, Joey Pringle as they discuss how the circular economy and Metaverse are finding solutions for sustainability in fashion.


About the Guest Speakers

Nova Lorraine

Born in Jamaica and raised in Connecticut with her five siblings, Nova Lorraine is an award-winning Fashion Designer, Author, Speaker, and Branding Advisor for fashion and lifestyle startups, and most recently, NFT’s, and the Metaverse. Nova, founded Raine Magazine in 2007 and has interviewed Mark Cuban, Kendall Jenner, Daymond John, Nicky Hilton, and Priyanka Chopra, to name a few. Nova’s debut fashion collection earned her Best Haute Couture Designer of the Year, and her designs have been featured on The View and in Vogue Italia magazine. She’s a poet and storyteller at heart and has found success in her newly released book and the Unleash Your Supernova podcast. Nova is a two time podcast award nominee, including Podcast of the Year as well as the People’s Choice Podcast Awards for Best Hosted Podcast. Nova has expanded her creative and fashion pursuits into the Metaverse to include NFT’s, DAO’s, and digital experiences. Nova continues to provide platforms for fashion and creative entrepreneurs through the Pink Kangaru Podcast Network the Raine School of Fashion Innovation & Sustainability. Nova spends her free time guest-lecturing, writing fiction, and cheering at sporting events for her four children.

Joey Pringle

Originally from just outside of north London England, Joey’s first break in fashion came in Melbourne Australia as an accessories designer for Crumpler. Upon graduating with a BA Honors in industrial design, Joey relocated to Vancouver Canada. He landed back in the industry working as a technical bags developer for MEC & most recently the accessories lead for tentree. It was during his time at tentree where his job took him to working with factories across Vietnam and China. On a business trip to China in 2018 Joey met with a factory in Guangzhou. It was on this trip where the conversation to start a green factory model developed. After another trip to China in late 2019, Joey decided to quit his job in Canada to start @Veshinfactory. Currently Joey resides in Costa Rica where he is looking to start a second Veshin Factory