Revealing Hidden Value of Sustainability Through Data Driven Reporting

Date: April 11, 2022


A virtual panel discussion examining how to reveal the hidden value of sustainability through data driven reporting. Joined by our main speaker, Daniel Aronson, and panelists, Shaheen Contractor and Ulrich Atz, to examine this topic in complete depth. 


About Our Guest Speakers

Daniel Aronson

Daniel Aronson is the creator of the Value of ValuesTM Model, which specializes in creating value through sustainability and responsibility. Daniel has helped his clients identify and quantify over $2 billion in sustainability-driven business value.

He coined the term “submerged value” and is the author of the book The Value of Values (forthcoming). He is also the creator of Impacts ScienceTM, True Plastic ImpactTM, 4D MaterialityTM, and Customers ScienceTM.

Daniel has guest lectured at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan’s Sustainability Lab and has written or been featured in over 100 articles and publications.

Shaheen Contractor

Shaheen Contractor, CFA, is an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Research Analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, a platform that provides research on industries, companies, government, litigation and the economy, available on the Bloomberg Professional Services at BI. Her research efforts include analyzing ESG performance, drivers and challenges for ESG funds, material ESG risks and opportunities across sectors and the impacts of a low carbon transition.

Mrs. Contractor has a Master of Science degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Symbiosis International University.

Ulrich Atz

Ulrich Atz is a Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Business and part of the NYU Stern Doctoral Program in Accounting. In his prior role as Associate Researcher, he provided quantitative expertise and co-authored the article on the Return on Sustainability Investment (honored with a “best paper” award). His research interests cover sustainability disclosures and ESG information, financial and business innovation, and statistical methods for interpreting data.