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Laurie Watter has been working in the area of nursing and behavioral health for her entire career with a BSN in nursing and a MS in Family Counseling. She has found a particular interest in supporting individuals and families who have experienced events in their lives that have led to broken dreams. Laurie is honored to gain the trust of others who share their stories with her, helping them feel safe enough to be vulnerable. This is how we start to heal.

Dianne Grossman
Organization: Mallory’s Army
Mallory’s Army Foundation,, was formed in July 2017 by Dianne Grossman after the tragic and unforeseen death of her daughter, Mallory Rose Grossman. At the young age of 12, Mallory took her life after months of bullying, both at school and online. Mallory’s Army is dedicated to the prevention of bullying through education and stricter mandates. The young gymnast and cheerleader’s death sparked debate that led to the passage of Mallory’s Law in New Jersey which requires school districts to report and act on complaints of bullying.

Jenny Kaplan
Organization: Jeff’s Place

Jenny Kaplan grew up in the MetroWest MA area with her parents and two brothers. The eldest, Jeff, drowned just shy of his 18th birthday. Her family’s story of loss, healing, integration, and growth propelled Jenny into the field of Social Work and Bereavement Services.

Jenny was awarded the second annual Excellence in Service Award at the 2018 Symposium for the National Alliance for Children’s Grief for her contributions to the field in both practice and research. She is the Founding Director of Jeff’s Place( , FRIENDS WAY in Rhode Island, and Founding Clinical Director of Experience Camps. Jenny has worked extensively with bereaved children, teens, and families in various settings over the past 25 years providing counseling, professional training and education, and crisis response.

Jenny’s publications include You Are Not Alone: Young Adults Coping with Death, book chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles. She is a graduate of Simmons College School of Social Work, where she has taught as an adjunct faculty member. Jenny developed the Inventory of Youth Adaptation to Loss (IYAL), a strength-based outcome instrument, through her partnerships with dozens of children’s bereavement programs around the country and Canada. Jeff’s Place is proud to be the lead organization for a two-year national research study to inform program development and implementation, policy development, and standards of prevention and care for youth experiencing traumatic loss.

Mark H. Rapaport, M.D.
Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Mark H. Rapaport, M.D., a nationally recognized clinician and researcher known for his interdisciplinary approach to mental health treatment and care, is the CEO of Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) and chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine. The Huntsman Mental Health Institute was created with a $150 million donation from the Huntsman Foundation in honor of Kathleen Ann Huntsman who lost her life to suicide in 2010. Kathleen was the daughter of Jon Huntsman, Sr (deceased) and his wife Karen. As part of a world-renowned academic health system, HMHI provides comprehensive mental health services and psychiatric care. The generous donation provides financial support to the University of Utah Health Department of Psychiatry and full – service psychiatric hospital known as UNI (University Neuropsychiatric Institute). In addition, this gift is used to support mental health services and screenings for the University’s 34,000 students, as well as across Utah.